Mortgage professionals are using social media platforms to communicate and engage with their current and prospective borrowers. With all of the uncertainty in the markets, borrowers want to know that their mortgage professional is up to speed on all of the guidelines, restrictions and loan products on the market.

Branding Yourself

branding yourself

Borrower loyalty and retention are rare in the rough-and-tumble world of home lending. But most smart clients know that the loan process, just like most services, are only as good as the expertise of the professional they are working with. If you are a mortgage professional, it doesn’t matter what organization you work for or with, you should be consistently branding yourself. You should not leave the reins of marketing, the lifeblood of your business, to the organization that you work for.

Setting Expectations

setting expectations

Whether you focus on residential, commercial or SBA loans, clients and agents want to be certain that they are in the presence of a professional. Let Web Design Agents establish a web presence that makes working with you an easy option. Set clear expectations through your website. Income documentation and other stipulations should be organized so borrowers or their agents know what to gather. Easy access to short or long form 1003s should be available on your website.